Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Super Bowl Contest - RESULTS!

With their exciting come from behind victory, the New Orleans Saints have brought Super Bowl glory back to New Orleans!  And with the crowning of a new Super Bowl champion, we too have a new champion of our Super Bowl prediction contest!

In the two weeks leading up to the big game, we collected entries from our friends and family as they tried to predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLIV.  Each entry was accompanied by a small donation to Relentless Optimism to help us raise money for breast cancer research and the winner was awarded  a  cash prize equal to half the money raised for our team.  To read all of the details about the Super Bowl Fundraising Contest, please check out this post.

Our Super Bowl contest generated 14 entries and raised $70 towards our team's fundraising goals.  Our most heartfelt thanks goes out to all of our participants, listed here in no particular order: Linda Velott, Hally and Jon Trementozzi, Diana Moreland, Sara Dodson, Tammy Dowdle, Heidi Foster, Karen and Roger Sager, Barb Ries, Cliff Michaels, JT Shoemaker, my husband Mike Cincotta and me.  We also had a lot of help promoting contest from Linda Velott, JT Shoemaker and Mara Heppen and possibly others, for which we are extremely grateful.

While the Indianapolis Colts were heavily favored both by the sports pundits and in our pool, it was the New Orleans Saints that walked away with the Lombardi trophy this year.  Due to their upset over the Colts, there weren't very many accurate predictions about the outcome of the big game.  In the end, we had three people who tied with three correct predictions.  To determine our final winner, a name was selected from a hat by a colleague of mine (thanks Mei!).  Our ultimate winner, who was one of only four people to correctly predict a Saints win, is...

Please join me in congratulating Cliff on his big win!  Additional congratulations go out to Barb Ries and Heidi Foster who also had three correct predictions in our contest.  This contest ended up being a lot more difficult than I thought to predict and you all did a great job! To see all of the results of the game, you can check out the box score at www.nfl.com.

A big thank you again from Melissa C and I for supporting us in our fundraising efforts for the Breast Cancer 3 Day by participating in this contest.  We are also currently taking entries in our Fantasy Winter Olympics League until 8pm on Thursday, February 11th.  You can find all of the information about that contest here.  In addition, we'll be running both an Oscars Prediction Contest and a March Madness pool in March, so be sure to check back for those as well.

Congratulations again Cliff!  I hear they're throwing quite the party for you down in New Orleans!

Image courtesy of New York Daily News

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