Monday, February 1, 2010

Announcing the Relentless Optimism Fantasy Winter Olympics Contest!

Entries for this contest are now closed.  Thanks!

On February 12th, the entire world will turn their eyes to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics! The Olympics will run for two weeks and will conclude on February 28th at the Closing Ceremonies. We here at Relentless Optimism think that this is the perfect opportunity for another fundraising contest!

For this contest, we are going to be running a Fantasy Winter Olympics league of our very own! Every person who enters our contest will be asked to select 12 countries to be their "Fantasy Team" for the entire Olympiad. However, you can't just choose any 12 countries. We have ranked all of the countries that have qualified athletes based on their previous performances and grouped them into five "tiers", with the top tiers being known Winter Olympics powerhouses and the lower tiers being long shots to medal at all. When you select your team, you will be asked to choose a select number of countries from each tier to compose your team. Then, throughout the Olympics, we'll keep track of how many medals each of your countries wins for your team. Points will be awarded based on what color medal is won and will be weighted based on the tier of the country that won it. The point scheme will be as follows:

Gold Medals = 5 points x Tier Level
Silver Medals = 3 points x Tier Level
Bronze Medals = 1 point x Tier Level

In the end, we'll figure out whose Fantasy Olympics Team has accumulated the most points to determine an overall winner for our contest!

If you would like to enter a team in our Fantasy Olympics League, simply click on this link and follow the instructions:

Enter the Relentless Optimism Fantasy Olympics League!

The Survey Monkey link will lead you through the selection of your Fantasy Olympics team. At the conclusion of the selection process, you will be redirected back here. Then, using the handy Paypal "Donate" button on the top right hand side of the page, you can make a small donation to our team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. As always, we are asking for a minimum donation of $10 to be considered eligible for our cash prize. The prize amount will be equal to half the amount of money collected for this contest.

Entries will be accepted until Thursday, February 11th at 8pm. Don't hesitate - enter now! Periodic results updates will posted on this blog every 2-3 days during the Olympics and the final winner will be notified on March 1st. The final results will be posted here shortly thereafter. In the event of a tie, a name will be drawn out of a hat to determine the winner of the cash prize. If anyone on Relentless Optimism should win, the full value of the money collected for the contest will be donated to the participating members of our team. 

For more information about the Breast Cancer 3 Day, please visit the official website at The links to our individual fundraising pages can be found on the right hand side bar if you'd prefer to make a donation to us individually. And finally, all of the latest news and information about the Vancouver Winter Olympics, including the previous medal totals for each country, please visit either or

Thanks for playing Fantasy Olympics with us!  This should be a really fun fundraiser so please pass along the information to anyone that you think might be interested in joining our league.  The more entries we get, the larger the cash prize and more importantly, the more money we can raise for a wonderful cause!

Images are courtesy of and (c) VANOC/COVAN
Please don't sue me!

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