Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fantasy Winter Olympics Results - Halfway done!

We're now halfway through the Vancouver Winter Olympics and things are heating up in our Fantasy Winter Olympics League!  Our teams have been competing vigorously over the weeks, racking up the points for each medal that they win.  We've even had a few Tier 5 "long shot" medals!

The current standings for our league are:

Rank Team Name Player Name(s) Total Points
1 Dennis Dennis Roesch 477
2 Norwegian Curling Pants Kristen Cincotta 435
3 Team Hot Mama Hally Trementozzi 396
4 Boobies in the Snow Meag and Andy Jenkins 391
5 Homer Bound Karen Sager 387
6 Brown and Orange Miguel Campos 383
7 Team Kristin :) Kristin Moreland 381
8 Nana's Children Jeanine Collier 360
9 Cool Runnings J.T. Shoemaker 359
10 Team Hosehead Jon Trementozzi 357
11 Rebecca Rebecca Roffman 353
12 Roger Roger Sager 348
13 Mom Moreland's Magic Diana Moreland 332
14 Team Rex Rexford L. Sager 328
15 Double Lutzes Tim and Janet Shoemaker 322
16 Leah Leah Roesch 296
17 Mickey's Snow Melissa Campos 295
18 MamaYaw Laurie Yaw 285
19 I Curl For Beers Mike Cincotta 270
20 Papa's Dagers Donald Collier 249

As always, we are tracking our league standings at our league results website that is being rigorously maintained by JT Shoemaker.  There, you can see the most recent league standings, view the countries on each team and see the overall medal table for the Vancouver Olympics.  You can also see the medalists for each day's competitions.  In addition, JT has started adding his very funny take on the highlights of each day of competition at the top of the site.  (He tends to favor Curling, in case you were wondering.)  I highly recommend that everyone visit regularly to check out his take on the Vancouver Olympics and to see how their team is doing against the rest of the league.

Finally, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the comments section of this post to add their feedback on the current happenings in both the Vancouver Olympics and in our Fantasy Olympics.

Have fun this week watching the Olympics and good luck!  I'll be cheering my heart out for Norway and Japan!

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  1. I've had a great time hanging out in last place or close to it. I am thoroughly enjoying JT's comments and check the site 3-4 times a day just to see what he said now. Yay JT. Ok well good luck everyone and THANK YOU fo participating!