Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Fantasy Winter Olympics League is now live!

Welcome to our Fantasy Winter Olympics League!  With the start of the Vancouver Winter Olympics tonight, our league is officially live!

Over the next two weeks, athletes from all around the world will compete in all kinds of winter events, from alpine skiing to to speed skating and everything in between.  As they do, they will rack up medals for their countries and for your Fantasy Olympics teams.  As you know, each team in our league is made up of 12 countries selected from five tiers based on their previous Olympics performances.  Points will be awarded to your team based on what color medal is won by your athletes and will be weighted based on the tier of the country of the athlete that won it. The point scheme will be as follows:
Gold Medals = 5 points x Tier Level
Silver Medals = 3 points x Tier Level
Bronze Medals = 1 point x Tier Level

In the end, the person whose Fantasy Olympics Team has accumulated the most points will win our cash prize.  Melissa and I are excited to announce that we have 20 teams entered in our league, meaning that we have raised $100 for our team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  That also means that our winner will be taking home $100 at the conclusion of the Vancouver Olympics!

To help everyone track the performance of their teams, my friend JT has set up this league website that will be updated every day with the most recent results from the Vancouver Olympics.  Clicking on the team names will allow you to view the countries making up each team and each country's medal total.  Please bookmark the league website and check back regularly to keep up with our league.  I'll also be regularly posting the standings here on this blog.

Thank you all so much for continuing to support our team in the Breast Cancer 3 Day and best of luck!  May the Olympics spirit carry your team to victory!

Image is courtesy of and (c) VANOC/COVAN

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