Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fantasy Winter Olympics Results - Day 13

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada are continuing and with right along with it is our Fantasy Winter Olympics League.  We are now on Day 13, with only five days of competition left.

The current standings in our Fantasy League are:

(click on a team name to see individual statistics)
Rank Team Name Player Name(s) Total Points
1 Dennis Dennis Roesch 587
2 Team Hot Mama Hally Trementozzi 532
3 Norwegian Curling Pants Kristen Cincotta 519
4 Boobies in the Snow Meag and Andy Jenkins 501
5 Team Hosehead Jon Trementozzi 488
6 Cool Runnings J.T. Shoemaker 487
7 Homer Bound Karen Sager 467
8 Brown and Orange Miguel Campos 462
9 Mom Moreland's Magic Diana Moreland 450
10 Double Lutzes Tim and Janet Shoemaker 450
11 Nana's Children Jeanine Collier 444
12 Roger Roger Sager 443
13 Team Kristin :) Kristin Moreland 443
14 Rebecca Rebecca Roffman 421
15 Team Rex Rexford L. Sager 420
16 Leah Leah Roesch 405
17 Mickey's Snow Melissa Campos 370
18 MamaYaw Laurie Yaw 369
19 I Curl For Beers Mike Cincotta 336
20 Papa's Dagers Donald Collier 326

Dennis Roesch has been sitting on the top of the standings for a long time.  But as we know from watching the Olympics, wipe outs can happen at any time, to anyone.  No lead is truly safe, especially with some big medals left to be awarded! 

Remember, you can check the current standings at anytime on our Fantasy League Results webpage.  JT generally updates at the conclusion of each day's events.  He's also adding his very funny commentary on the major events of the Olympics (in his opinion), so check back often!

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