Monday, May 24, 2010

An Update on our Tastefully Simple fundraiser!

Just a reminder that we are still taking orders for our Tastefully Simple fundraiser until June 2nd!

For those that don't know, Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company that offers a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives.  Tastefully Simple products require 1 or 2 ingredients to prepare or are open and enjoy - everything from breads, soups and sauces to desserts and drink mixes.  They are designed to provide your family with quick, delicious meals or to make entertaining a breeze, without expensive restaurant prices!

Relentless Optimism will receive 50% of the profits from all orders placed through this sale from now through June 2nd to put towards our fundraising goals for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  

As a part of this fundraiser, Relentless Optimism team member Jen held a Tastefully Simple tasting party at her house this past Friday with her friends in Southern Maryland.  They all sipped some Lovin' Lemon Slush while sampling a bunch of yummy Tastefully Simple products.  Jen mentioned that some of her favorites from the tasting were (and by the way, it was tough narrowing it down to 4!):

* The Lovin' Lemon Slush drink (Jen can't wait to try it with Rasberry Vodka; Iced Tea Vodka was recommended too!)
* Warm the Oven! Savory Cheese Dip Mix (Devoured in seconds by everyone! The guests that arrived late didn't even have a chance to try this mix!)

There was also a great new deal announced at the party that Jen would like to pass along to everyone:

* From now through the end of this sale, whenever you the purchase $50 or more worth of Tastefully Simple products, you will have the opportunity to purchase drink buckets for 50% off!!  To get this great deal, you have to place your order directly with our consultant, Jennifer Anderson, via email at  Be sure to let her know that it's for our fundraiser by mentioning Jen Rabbitt and Relentless Optimism in your email.

We are also extending our fundraiser for two additional days (until June 2nd!) because we learned that some favorite products that are currently unavailable will be coming back starting on June 1st and we want our friends and family to have a chance to purchase these great treats.  Make a note to check out our sale on June 1st to purchase the following returning favorites:

* Garlic Dill Seasoning: $8.99
* Classy Chocolate Pound Cake; $6.99
* Go Go Asiago Dip Mix $7.29
* Prickly Pear Cooler: $6.99  (Jen suggests making this into a margarita! Yum!)
* Honey Teriyaki Sauce $8.99
* Honey Mustard Sauce $5.99
* Champagne Jelly $5.99

To help encourage everyone to check out these new products, our consultant is even offering a special  discount!  For just $39.95, you can buy the following 5 items:

* Garlic Dill Seasoning
* Classy Chocolate Pound Cake
* Go Go Asiago Dip Mix
* Prickly Pear Cooler
* Honey Teriyaki Sauce

And you can chose one of the following products for free:
* Honey Mustard Sauce
* Champagne Jelly

Again, to get this great deal, you have to place your order directly with our consultant via email.  If you would be more comfortable placing your order with Jen, you can do so at

If you would like to help support us through this fundraiser, you can start shopping online for Tastefully Simple treats at  Orders can be placed by email as described above or online directly from the website.  If you choose to complete your order online, be sure to select "Jennifer Rabbitt" as the host so that your order is credited to Relentless Optimism.  If you would prefer not to order online, you can contact any member of our 3 Day team to place your order via catalogue instead.

Thanks for shopping with Tastefully Simple and supporting Relentless Optimism today!

Please note that as always, you can make a donation directly to any member of Relentless Optimism by clicking on our names in the right hand side bar or by visiting

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