Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our March Madness and Fug Madness Final Results!

On Monday night, the March Madness tournament came to an end.  On Tuesday, we learned the winner of Fug Madness.  And at the end of both of our fundraising contests, we were left with just one winner - Catherine Prince!

I was originally going to do two separate "Congratulations!" posts.  But when Cat took home the double win, it only made sense to do this all at once.  So join me in congratulating Cat on her amazing performance in both pools!  Not only did Cat win both pools, she did it by correctly predicting the ultimate winner in both tournaments.  In the March Madness pool, she was one of only two people to pick Duke and she was the only person in the Fug Madness pool to pick Amber Rose to go all the way.  All told, Cat won $220 for her unmatched performance in both pools.

More importantly, between the two fundraising contests, we were able to raise $220 for our team for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure.  Thank you to everyone who entered our contests - we couldn't do it without you!  Moreover, we want to thank everyone that helped promote our contests.  I want to especially mention Kristin Moreland, JT Shoemaker and Robyn Torkewitz who really went above and beyond to help us out.  These types of fundraisers are highly dependent on word of mouth and you have all helped us more than you know!

March Madness

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game saw the top seed Duke take on the plucky underdogs from Butler.  It was a close game throughout, with Butler answering every challenge that Duke threw at them.  But in the end, Butler's final shot bounced off the rim and the Duke Blue Devils emerged victorious!

Our March Madness pool featured 34 brackets from 28 players.  With all of the upsets throughout the tournament, our leader board changed after every round.  In the end, it came down to Karen Sager and Catherine Prince to determine our winner.  Cat, who I'm told bleeds Duke Blue, picked her home team and her loyalty paid off as she took home our March Madness pot!

The final standings for our pool can be seen on our ESPN league page.  You can also see the full standings at the bottom of this post by clicking "Read More".

Fug Madness

While many thought Lady Gaga was destined to win the 2010 Fug Madness title in a walk, in the end, she wasn't even in the final match up.  Instead, it was little known but weirdly dressed Amber Rose that knocked off Lady Gaga on her way to the Fug Madness Final where she faced a strong competitor in Rihanna and her crazy clothes.  In the end, though, Rihanna was out-fugged by Kanye's highly unique girlfriend Amber Rose by a 65% - 34% margin.

Our Fug Madness pool featured 10 brackets from 9 players.  While more than half our entrants had Lady Gaga going all the way, our two finalists saw past Gaga's schtick to the true Fugs.  Robyn Torkewitz took the lead after Round 2 and held it all the way into the final despite losing her ultimate champion, Leighton Meester early on.  However, as she did in the March Madness tournament, Cat started slow but steadily climbed the leaderboard.  In the end, Robyn's lead wasn't quite large enough and with Amber Rose's victory, Cat squeezed into first place to take home our Fug Madness pot as well!

The final standings for the Fug Madness pool can be seen at the bottom of this post by clicking "Read More".  To read more about the Fug Madness, please see this post on Go Fug Yourself.

The Big Winners: The Duke Blue Devils and Coach K (L) and Amber Rose with Kanye West (R)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for supporting Relentless Optimism!  We'll see you again next year!

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To see the complete final standings for both contests, please click "Read More" below:

March Madness Final Standings:


 Entry Name,
 Owner Name 
 of 64
 of 32   

 Sweet 16

 Elite Eight

 Final Four

 Final Game 

 1 Catmprince 1,
 C. Prince
 210     160160801603201090
2 Mamayaw 1,
 L. Yaw
210 160120801603201050
3 Karen519 1,
 K. Sager     
2302001601601600 910
4 Tizzlor 1,
J. Shoemaker    
220 200801601600820
4 Kmoreland13 1,
K. Moreland
2001401601601600 820
6 Davis6979 1,
D. Davis
24016016016000 720
7 Fenway Twickers,
M. Jenkins 
250 18012016000710
8 Nannerific79 1,
S. Tydlacka   
260 18016018000680
9 Nchatch13 1,
N. Hatch         
2302001608000 670
10 RogerSager13 1,
R. Sager       
2401801608000 660
10 Cinky16 1,
M. Cincotta
2401402008000 660
10 BIGDEEZ is BACK  2,       D. Roesch   240 1402008000660
13 Meagjenkins 1,
M. Jenkins
2101801608000 630
14 Trementozzi17 1,
J. Trementozzi
200 1801608000620
14 Patriceries1005 1,
P. Hicke
2401401608000 620
16 Javi348 1,
M. White      
2101601608000 610
16 MandaLiz12 1,
A. Rabesa      
2501601208000 610
18 Karen519 2,
K. Sager
230 1601208000590
19 Tmh1220 1,
T. Humphrey       
240 180160000580
20 Gabaman69 1,
A. Jenkins
270 140808000570
21 D.Moreland51 1,
D. Moreland
240 1201208000560
22 Jeproulx 1,
J. Proulx
260160120000 540
23 Hally,
J. Trementozzi    
230 1001208000530
24 Rabbittjt 1,
J. Rabbitt 
240 20080000520
25 Trschenck,
Tom S. 
210 140160000510
D. Roesch    
210140160000 510
27 Klsager 1,
K. Sager 
240140120000 500
28 Madmoga 1,
A. Rabbitt      
190 180120000490
28 Cjoy9478 1,
C. Joy 
230140120000 490
28 Ronbarrows1 3,
R. Barrows  
210 120808000490
31 Rabbitwj,
B. Rabbitt
24016080000 480
32 The Whites,
C. Joy
21014080000 430
32 Grumppa,
Tom S. 
23012080000 430
32 Big East wins it all!,
J. Lee
210 14080000430

Fug Madness Final Standings:


 Entry Name
 of 64
 of 32   

 Sweet 16

 Elite Eight

 Final Four

 Final Game 

 1 Catherine Prince 2       230     1201201601603201110
2 Robyn Torkewitz 260 24020016016001020
3 Colin Fink     2001601202401600 880
4 Karen Sager     220 16016032000860
5 Aleece Hoelscher 2201201601601600 820
6 Catherine Prince 1 25016016024000 810
7 Jen Rabbitt 250 16016016000730
8 Kristen Cincotta    270 2001208000670
9 Tamara Campbell      2002001208000 600
10 Lindsay Collins        2301401208000 570

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