Monday, April 5, 2010

Fug Madness - Final Four Results and Voting Links for the Final Game!

It all comes down to this!  Rihanna will battle it out with Amber Rose to determine the ultimate Fug Madness Champion 2010!

With Amber Rose taking down the heavily favored Lady Gaga in her Final Four game and with Rihanna squeaking past Bai Ling in their match up, we are left with just two scenarios for how our league could play out:

1)  If Amber Rose wins the whole thing, Catherine Prince would win with her second bracket.

2)  If Rihanna wins over Amber Rose, Robyn Torkewitz would win.

To help determine the winner, please head over to Go Fug Yourself to go vote in the final match up:

The full standings for our pool at the completion of the Final Four are below.  Two important things of note:  1) Catherine also stands a chance to win the Relentless Optimism March Madness pool with a Duke win tonight.  2) Colin can't beat Robyn which means their relationship will probably come out of this intact.  Yay!



  Final Four 

 Total Points 
1 Robyn Torkewitz 160 1020 0
2 Colin Fink 160 880 0
3 Karen Sager   0 860 0
4 Aleece Hoeslcher 160 820 0
5 Catherine Prince 1 0 810 0
6 Catherine Prince 2 160 790 320
7 Jen Rabbitt    0 730 0
8  Kristen Cincotta 0 670 0
9 Tamara Campbell 0 600 0
10 Lindsay Collins 0 570 0

Good luck ladies!  May the best girl win!

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