Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fug Madness - Elite Eight Results!

The Fug Madness Final Four is now set!  Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Bai Ling and Rihanna will duke it out in the final two rounds to determine the ultimate Fug Madness Champion!

The standings for our league are getting interesting, with my Mom, Karen Sager, pulling into a tie with our leader thus far, Robyn Torkewitz.  Mom was the only person to correctly predict the entire Fug Madness Final Four and she's going into the final two rounds with a lot of momentum.  Based on my calculations, these are the remaining scenarios for how things could possibly play out going forward:

1)  If Amber Rose wins the whole thing, Catherine Prince would win with her second bracket.

2)  If Lady Gaga wins over Bai Ling, Mom would win.  If Lady Gaga wins over Rihanna, Colin Fink would win (and he would also probably make Robyn's life really miserable for a few days).

3)  If Rihanna wins over Amber Rose, Robyn would win (and she would hopefully make Colin's life pretty miserable as well).  If Bai Ling wins over Amber Rose, Robyn and Mom would tie for the win.

4)  If Rihanna wins over Lady Gaga, Colin would win by a scant 20 points over Mom.  If Bai Ling wins over Lady Gaga, Mom would win.

As a side note, I wanted to mention that both Catherine and Mom have a decent shot at winning the Relentless Optimism March Madness pool as well, with Mom currently leading both pools going into the Final Four.  Great work ladies and congratulations on your success thus far!

The full standings for our pool at the completion of the Elite Eight are below.  Please click on each person's name to view their complete bracket. Please let me know if you think I incorrectly scored something and I will check it out.



  Elite Eight 

 Total Points 
1 Karen Sager 320 860 640
1 Robyn Torkewitz 160 860 160
3  Catherine Prince 1  240 810 480
4  Jen Rabbitt  160 730 480
5 Colin Fink 240 720 640
6  Kristen Cincotta 80 670 0
7 Aleece Hoeslcher  160 660 640
8 Catherine Prince 2 160 630 480
9 Tamara Campbell 80 600 0
10 Lindsay Collins 80 570 480

Voting for the Final Four starts tomorrow, with Lady Gaga taking on Amber Rose and Bai Ling facing off against Rihanna.  I will post the links to vote in those match ups as soon as they're up.  Voting for each match up will be open for 48 hours.  I will update with the Final Four results and the standings going into the final match up on Monday afternoon.  Good luck to everyone whose brackets are still in play!

Finally, if you are interested in seeing the full results of each match up in Fug Madness to date, please click "Read More" and then click the image to enlarge it.  Thanks and good luck!

Again, please click to enlarge:

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