Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fug Madness Round 2 Results!

Fug Madness Round 2 is complete and our league standings are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Madness has truly reigned and its taken down a lot of brackets in it's wake!

A number of heavy favorites going into the Fug Madness tournament went down in Round 2, including Lindsay Lohan, Chloe Sevigny, Leighton Meester, Pamela Anderson, Katy Perry and Lily Allen.  As a result, the only person left with an intact Final Four in our league is Karen Sager (my mom!).  Only five of our ten competitors still have their complete Final Two and both Robyn Torkewitz and I (the current Top 2) have both lost our overall grand champion.  Beware, all of you rooting for Lady Gaga to go all the way: Robyn and I are planning to bring her down and SOON.

A complete summary of the results of Round 2 and a preview of the next round of match ups can be found by clicking here.

The full standings for our pool at the completion of Round 2 are below.  Please click on each person's name to view their complete bracket. Please let me know if you think I incorrectly scored something and I will check it out.  Also, if there's any additional information that you'd like to see included in the results table, let me know.



 Round 2 Points 

 Total Points 
1 Robyn Torkewitz  240 500 560
2  Kristen Cincotta 200 470 320
3  Catherine Prince 1  160 410 880
3  Jen Rabbitt  160 410 800
5 Tamara Campbell 200 400 1120
6 Karen Sager 160 380 1120
7 Lindsay Collins 140 370 1040
8 Colin Fink 160 360 1120
9 Catherine Prince 2 120 350 880
10 Aleece Hoeslcher 120 340 1080

Sweet 16 voting will take place tomorrow and Thursday, with results expected on Friday.  I will post the links to the voting here once they are up.  Good luck to everyone!

(except Lady Gaga!  Go Miley, Go!)

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