Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Baby Q Prediction Contest - RESULTS!

After much delay, the results are finally in!

But first, a recap. Back in November, we had a small contest to jumpstart our team fundraising efforts. As our teammate Melissa Q. was very pregnant at the time, we thought it would be fun to guess some of the details of Baby Q's impending arrival. The details of our contest can be found on the official post for the contest, here.

On November 24th, Melissa and Todd welcomed their beautiful new daughter, Reese Alexandra:

The details of Reese's arrival can be found in this post.

Over the course of our contest, we collected 12 entries and raised $90!  However, after looking at the results, it became clear that we (and our friends & family members) are terrible at predicting the details of incoming babies!  Of the six questions included in the surveys, not one entry had more than one correct prediction!  As a result, we had a five way tie with one correct prediction, including three entries from Jen Rabbitt.  To chose a winner, I wrote down all five people with one correct prediction on slips of paper:

I then placed all five slips into my fuzzy pink hat:

Then I had my husband chose a winner.  In the end, the name that he chose was:

So congratulations Jen!  Because Jen is a Relentless Optimism team member, all of the money that was raised in this contest was donated to our team fundraising efforts.  Jen ended up earning $56.25 towards her final goal, while the rest of us each took home $11.25.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating!  This was a great learning experiment and we feel ready to tackle a much bigger contest the next time around.  Keep your eyes peeled for the details of our Golden Globes Prediction Contest, coming very soon!

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